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Presentations and Speaker Events

Lady Vanda Orchids participates in speaking engagements throughout the year. If your orchid society, sales show or botanical center is looking for a speaker Serena from Lady Vanda Orchids is available!

Powerpoint Topics: The following presentations are power point based and will bet appx. 45- 60 minutes including a Q+ A session.

  1. Cultivation of Vanda Orchids (All levels)
  2. Cultivation of Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium (All levels)
  3. Orchids Crash Course- General cultivation for popular genera (Beginners)


Interactive/ Demonstrations: Similar to a class or educational setting.  Classes are long format due to their interactive nature and can take 1-2 hours. Format, topic and time limit can be customized by the organization. **Additional fees may apply to these topics**

  1. Plant Maintenance and Repotting- An interactive demonstration (Beginner) 
    • Lady Vanda will provide plants and supplies to be repotted for an additional fee or members can bring their own and work alongside a live demonstration accompanied by a slideshow.
  1. Growing orchids from seed and deflasking (All levels)
  • Deflasked seedlings will be available for purchase.  Powerpoint on the hybridization process leading to seed and flask cultivation. Followed by a deflasking demonstration. 

If you would like to book any of the above topics, please contact us for scheduling and topic selection. All topics can be modified to fit your organizations focus and mission. If you would like a completely custom topic, please contact us directly. 


Speaker Fee: $250 with travel included up to 350 miles from zip code 33034

Raffle Plants: Provided at an additional rate of $100 for 10 mixed blooming size and flowering plants

Lady Vanda will bring a selection of sale plants, our primary cultivation focus is on Vandas, Paphiopedlum and Phragmipedium. We may also bring other orchids as listed  on our online catalog.